Today’s competitive market requires a team of dedicated professionals. Justin Sturby and his team of marketing specialists put your property on a world stage. Each property receives a customized marketing plan reaching far beyond the traditional methods, generating more leads and selling homes faster and for more money.

List Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home in the Okanagan? Please take a few minutes to read our Proper Pricing Philosophy.

Serious buyers tend to look in a price range that has been predetermined. Their budget is determined by a number of factors: their down payment, monthly payment, affordability or simply comfort level. A seriously buyer becomes very knowledgeable of the properties and options in his/her range. An unreasonable asking price can often discourage potential buyers from spending the time evaluating your home and all the details of your real estate listing. Two very important facts to the buyer to really consider your property.

In many of our market segments supply is plenty. Buyers purchase by comparison, a property priced above the competition does not “compare” favourably. Thus that home may be skipped. Inviting a buyer to “make an offer” could indicate that a fair price has not been established.

If you plan to adjust your price at the time of a sale, we have found in our years of experience it is better to adjust the price now and attract additional serious buyers. This can often place you in a favourable position, having more than one buyer interested in your property.

Vendors who want to price their homes with a “cushion” can often attract the exact opposite result. It is very difficult to obtain a reasonable offer on a property that could be viewed as over-priced. If a potential buyer does decide to prep an offer they often feel they should be just as unreasonable in their offer. The initial viewing can be one focused on seeking negatives to justify their low offer.

By contrast, good offers are much easier to obtain on a reasonably priced property. You can then choose which offer to accept with no obligation to one that does not meet your requirements. Also the buyer will view your home with a very different state of mind, looking for value not focused on flaws.

The buyer who sees the true value in the property will be the one who is willing to pay for it.

To obtain proper market exposure, it is an absolute necessity to be competitive in price, terms, and condition, with similar properties that are selling in the area.

If you are a serious seller, price your property at market, and attract serious buyers. You will stand a much better chance of getting the full-market value, and your property will sell much faster.

Home Selling System

Do you own a 1 bedroom condo or a 24 acre waterfront estate? We all deserve to be treated like royalty.

Our team’s home selling systems is comprised of innovative marketing techniques that utilize the most cutting edge technology. Our use of technology allows us to aggressively promote properties on a worldwide stage, coupled with our detailed tracking systems will allow our sellers to view activity reports and detailed traffic reports each and every week.

Justin Sturby and his team have invested heavily to ensure that our web presence is second to none in our market, utilizing a network in excess of 150 sites and a strong Search Engine Optimization campaign to ensure that our clients listings end up on the computer screens of buyers across the globe.

After all, 9 out of 10 buyers will start their search online when they set out to find the perfect home. Our web presence is supplemented by an aggressive marketing campaign into our network of top agents across Canada and the USA.

Print media is not forgotten, only improved; we offer our clients a comprehensive print media advertising campaign, utilizing the best publications in our marketplace. Our in house marketing department skilfully crafts media for each listing that is specific to its end destination. Always in full colour! Always showcasing professional photos of your property at its absolute best!

Marketing. Service. Client Attention. Full Accountability.

Full Service Real Estate as it should be …

Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words… That is why we start with 30+ professional photos of each home.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 buyers in our tech savvy age start their home search online. To ensure your home will show at its very best we employ a Professional Photographer to capture your homes best qualities. Be it an amazing view or custom kitchen, it is vital to capture a buyers attention and highlight your homes unique features. Our technology advantage has allowed us the ability to reach record numbers of buyers from across the globe.

Our photos, virtual tours and video walkthroughs allow a buyer to tour your home while he or she is in the comfort of their own home or office in absolutely any country.

Performance Statistics

Our team are big numbers geeks, tracking everything in our business. One number we watch closely for our clients is the Average Days on Market.

When compared to the average time it takes to sell a home in Kelowna (120 days) our listings sell in almost half the time (68 days).

Listings Taken vs Listings Sold

It’s important to understand that even during the hottest markets, many listings will still go unsold, the number is even higher for owners selling their homes on their own. It is a wise decision to know the track record of the brokerage and particularly the agent you are interviewing before you hire them.

List Price vs Sale Price (The Art of Negotiating)

Strong negotiating is of paramount importance when choosing a realtor as this directly affects your bottom line CMHC reports that in 2014 the average home sold for 96.2% of the asking price. A strong emphasis on the development of negotiation skills and a commitment to proper pricing has enabled Justin and his team’s listings to sell for 97.9%. This translates to an average of $8,000 more in each clients pocket.

Purchase Price vs List Price (Negotiating for Buyers)

The very same negotiating skills go to work for you when buying a home, Justin Sturby and his team’s buyers have benefited from being able to buy homes at an average of 92% of list price. This is over 4% better than the industry average. We are proud to show how this translates to an approximate $18,000 in additional savings.